The Weekly Order



Everyone is taught during the childhood days of the week. The first day of the week is Sunday followed by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. We grow up learning them and then it becomes a part of our life. As we grow up, we cherish for Saturdays and Sundays and start to loathe Mondays as the deadly weekdays start with it. All this while, we never thought about as why only Monday comes after Sunday and not Tuesday and why Saturday and Sunday comes together and not 3 days apart.

We might have overlooked this subtle logic, but our sages and seers who did things only after following enough calculations knew why this abrupt order exist. It is given everywhere in our ancient books and was known by every student of ancient times but with the passage of time and with westernization of our education system, it was somewhere overlooked and then totally ignored.

Our week follows the Hora System assigned to each planet. Now you might be surprised to read this new term, but Hora stands for an hour in Hindi, although it might be more or less than an hour in duration. Each planet is assigned an hour of the day and they follow the same order. When Hora of a planet ends, another planet’s Hora follows it. This is the basic knowledge we need to have as why we have this order of the week.

The order of the Hora of planets is:








Each planet rules a specific hour during each day. When it gets over, another planet’s Hora starts and they follow the order. After the end of 7th Hora, the order repeats again and it goes on. This simple order decides the weekly order that we follow today. The planet whose Hora starts with the Sun rise is the ruler for the day.

Different planets that are assigned different days are

Sunday is assigned to The Sun, Monday to The Moon, Tuesday to The Mars, Wednesday to The Mercury, Thursday to The Jupiter, Friday to The Venus and Saturday to The Saturn.

To make it clear, I will take an example. Suppose sunrise at Sunday is at 5:47 am. Look for the planet whose Hora begins at sunrise. It will be The Sun and thus it is called Sunday. This Hora can extend anywhere from 50-70 minutes. Then Hora of Venus will follow followed by Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. After this, Hora of Sun will start again and the order repeats. At the end of 21st Hora, 3 cycles would have completed and 22nd Hora will be of The Sun, 23rd will be of Venus and 24th will be of Mercury. The next Hora of the Moon will start with the sunlight and thus the day that follows Sunday is Monday. You can do this simple exercise and you will understand the order of the week that we follow.

I wish our schools taught us this logic as well while teaching us days of the week. Then I would have known how intelligent our sages and seers were and learnt to appreciate them since early years.

I hope you have understood the essence of this article. For any suggestions and comments, kindly write in the comment section.

Have a great day and a healthy life 🙂

PS: To check the Hora for any day, you can install Hindu calendar from Google Play Store (No I am not promoting the app but this is the only app I know which tells about the Hora) or you can simple Google it.




Every morning when we wake up and go outside our homes for a morning walk, to collect news paper, to have fresh air, to see the Sun rise or for any other simple reason(s), we see various people  looking towards east from where the Sun rises with a vessel in their hand (Lota) and pouring water from it. Most of us see it and just simply ignore it as a simple practice followed by various people throughout India. But very few people know the actual science that our sages developed thousands of years ago regarding this practice of offering water to Sun.

Arghya is a Sanskrit term, which means “Offering to the Lord” (in this case it means offering water to Sun). Many people wake up in the morning to perform this activity unerringly. But some questions needs to be asked before proceeding any further:

  • Has anyone thought that why do people wake up every morning and offer water to Sun?
  • Have you ever asked anyone from your family who performs this activity that what is the actual reason for doing it?
  • Have you ever did it and thought for a while for the reason behind it?

While some of us might know the actual reason behind it, most of the people are simply unaware of the real reason and knowledge that is hidden behind it.

Let us try to find out the reasons behind Arghaya:

Sun’s rays are pure white light. Just for some background knowledge, Sun is white and not yellow as many people think. Light rays travelling from Sun to surface of Earth undergo diffraction and thus lights of lower wavelength are not visible to eyes. It is the same reason why the Sun appears sometimes orange or red.

So coming back to our topic, when a person gets up in the morning and offer water to Sun, then this white light gets dispersed into seven rays of the rainbow, just like a prism dispersing a ray of white light into seven different colors. When a person is offering water, s/he looks through that stream of flowing water, over the edge of the container, which disperses the light. This dispersed light now enters our body and maintains the balance of seven colors within our body. Thus the method of dispersion is being used here with the help of water.

Second benefit of offering water to Sun in early morning is that the rays are soft and gentle. They are bearable early morning and a person can easily see Sun without his eyes getting heated up. These rays contain huge amount of Vitamin D within them. When we stand in the rays, this Vitamin-D is absorbed by our body, majorly by chest because chest has the maximum area exposed to it. It helps binding Calcium present within our body to the bones thus making the bones stronger. Thus a free method to have strong bones!

But as every rose has thorns, even this simple trick has some precautions to be measured.

First that arghaya can be performed only within one hour of Sunrise. For eg, in if Delhi, on a particular day Sun rises at 6:45 am, then the benefits of offering water can be performed only till 7:45 am. After it, the rays start getting stronger making it difficult for a person to see Sun to obtain the benefit from it. Moreover, it will cause tanning only and no actual benefit would be obtained actually, psychological benefit can though be obtained by performing Arghaya anytime.

Second, it is advised to have a bath before performing Arghaya and wear white clothes. Reason for the above statement is that when you have a bath, body pores are opened and no dust remains over body which can block the pores. So when you are receiving the light, whole body can absorb the energy. And the reason for wearing specifically white clothes is that white is a good absorber of colors. So when you are sitting in Sun’s rays, no color is being reflected from your body by your clothes and everything is being absorbed within the body.

While offering Arghaya, kindly keep in mind that the water you are offering should not be wasted. Kindly practice this activity over a plant or water container so that water is not wasted.

Thus we see that our ancient sages who originated this method were scientists in true manner and had huge amount of knowledge which is still hidden from most of us around.  And my task is to reveal this knowledge to you with the help of these blogs.

So guys this was my knowledge about “Arghya or The Science of offering water to Sun”. If you like this then spread it as much as possible so that this knowledge reaches to maximum people and everyone can have these benefits just by spending 5 minutes of their daily routine. For any suggestions, reply in the comment box below.

Till then have a wonderful life and keep exploring.

Decoding Ancient Sciences and Texts

This blog post has been specifically created for everyone out who has an inclination and hint about ancient texts and sciences like astrology, numerology, the Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayana, facts behind rituals and customs, etc. I will be dealing with them all, one by one, giving you the hidden meaning behind each and every thing that we see today in our lives which has its connection with the past. I will go in-depth to tell the scientific and spiritual reasons about religion and its customs and what has been hidden from the general public.

I would advance to the concepts that we hear everyday and make mockery of it, like fasting on a navratri day, reason behind not cutting hair on Tuesdays, etc and tell the scientific reasons for such myths. It will then extend to corporate management techniques that have been written in various Hindu puranas, the Bhagwad Geeta and other sources.

So in short I would be decoding the science and logic behind religion and whatever has been said by our great sages in earlier era.

Just a little more wait before i start on this journey about decoding.